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Monday, December 19, 2005

While you sleep

The only thing I ever want to steal from you are kisses while you sleep quiet on my pillow in the wake of the love we made the night before
I adore – the sound of your breath as it hits my cheek while we sleep the lines of our bodies silent sleeping, must be dreaming and if I am please don’t wake me

I just wanna be the one you call when you can’t see the light from all the sorrow mmmmm you know
I want you to know I wanna hold your hand as we grow walk the paths that life will throw our way
Just want to love you

Can’t tear myself away from the arms that keep me safe hide me from the pains that creep inside the everyday
You have a way – of making me want more, I adore the music of your smile as you look at me while our hands entwine feel so fine, I am at home.

Written this year. A few gems I found after I got ahold of my old computer's space. Glad to have come accross them. I will put a few up in the next couple of days.


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