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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When all was coming up daisies

Some unmistakable sense of wrong
It's been around for far too long
And I know it
I heard the message
It ran clear through
I didn't want to hear it from you
And I know it

Been a pauper for many a time
The wind howls and blows
It hears my rhyme
A step into a moment of time
When all was coming up daisies

The paper beds words he don't understand
Pushing forward independent of hand
Alluding to times once merry and grand
I still remember

Been a queen to the highest Tsar
Traveled worlds boths near and far
Stepped up from the strongest jar
When all was coming up daisies

The moon it sinks, heart red as blood
Awaiting yet another flood
No need to push the earth and mud
To keep the flames a'simmer

Cause and effect the times they change
Till one day, I'll hear your name
And think of all the little games
When all was coming up daisies

Little ditty that popped into my head this morning. Just releasing some stuff. Well, that and I was listening to Bob Dylan all morning. Gotta love his sense of flaire, it always inspires me to write funky stuff like this one.


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