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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Perceiving you in silent tension
Aching hands map out your flesh
Your motions both innocent and vulgar
Striking silent erotic pose
Mind reeling in lewd fantasy
Contrast of you, soft and steel
Penetrates, permeates my senses
Watching you, sprawling languid easy
Desire ebbs, flows through my core
Fighting urge to touch, feel, taste
Pull so strong
As hands wrapped in hair

Come now, yes
This love is primal
Your body an act of constant seduction
Your power wholly organic
To see your naked lines
Under the banner of your clothes
Closing my eyes I feel
Your hands touching flesh
Torture in waiting
Constant in craving
Memorized in its intensity
But for one moment of
Blessed release

Back in 2000 - wow, horny tart.


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