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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just another bloated Tuesday

Well, it is the day after National Turkey Day - Thanksgiving, also known as eat fixings till you lay on the couch and moan with the family day. Well at least that's the tradition in my house. Since as far back as I can remember Turkey Day has been full of far too much gravy and mashed potatoes with cabbage (it's an Irish thing), griping with your fellow family and friends about how you are never going to do it again and next year you will have restraint. Really, how many of us have restraint like that when you have a crazed woman standing over you with a ladel coyly telling you how she slaved over this food all day long just so you can enjoy every last bit of it?

Ah guilt, the emotion that makes the world go round.

But that is what thanksgiving is all about is it not? Leftover turkey sandwiches, turkey stew, turkey pot pie, family you would hide from most friends, friends who get drunk and spill your blackmail material (thankfully everyone else is just as looped so it doesnt matter), way too much food, the feeling that you are going to explode if you eat another bite, and everyone wondering what the hell the purpose of the holiday is in the first place. Woohoo the pilgrims ate dinner with the natives! Is it that big of a deal? We all gotta eat. They all had to eat. Why shouldnt they have eaten together? It is not like they came back from the dead or ate dinner that was cast down from Heaven and prepared by Ghandi years before he was even born. It was a turkey dinner, and they likely had a little native lady standing over them telling them all how she slaved over it all day long and they had better eat it all up. Ahhh .. perhaps that is the answer, guilt. Whatever it is I say it is a pretty good reason for a lot of drinks and far too much bird.


Blogger Sharkie2004 said...

I definately felt your pain. I was laying on my bed, moaning my grief of a too full tummy and talking to you on the phone! Hey, laughing is an helped okay!? Now I know you've "lost your bra" but when and how did you lose your pants?.... Love you baby, keep bloggin..


5:17 pm  

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