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Friday, October 07, 2005

Traveling Pants

Another great rehearsal. The lines were flowing, we all fell into line just at the right moment, there was no worry about the 3 week mark and we all felt fresh as a daisy. Well at least in my world that is how it all looks. In reality...

The rehearsal was getting long and sticky, my throat screamed for a drink of liquid, I remembered that I left my wallet at home leaving me with the bottom change in my purse to furnish the pop that would be my only refreshment at the long awaited bar visit later in the night. Another scene ... Alright .. Not too long now. The group is getting giggly, you could tell it was coming to a wind down. The comments were flying and the air was changing from work mode to that of of the ensuing frivolous nature. That was alright by me. I had already warned the kids I wouldn't be home anytime early and I left the house looking rather cute today (though 3 hours in rehearsal saw to it that I was not exactly sparkly any longer, but I no longer cared much). After a pretty good rehearsal, after all they are always a bunch of fun, it was time to get ready to take off for good company and bad karaoke. What could be better? (ok I really need to get out more) Off I ran to get changed; I flitted, in as much as I can flit really, off the stage and over to where my ... What the hell? ... WHERE ARE MY PANTS???

Lo and behold my pants had mysteriously walked away and left me. No not the "fell behind the counter" or of the "oh here they are, just over the other side of the cupboard" kind of variety, but more of the "oh my fricken god, they are gone!" kind. This created quite the kerfuffle as everyone went on a mad hunt for my pants. hmmm ... People don't rush like that to get me out of the pants. Makes a girl wonder. Regardless, everyone sure was in a rush to get me into them. Or perhaps it was the call of the bar that was causing the chaos. One never knows. The pants never did appear. Though I hear there is an alternate universe that has stolen socks and other gadgets ... I may have to look into that.

So now, clad in my rehearsal skirt and surrounded by comments of not being able to keep my pants on - off we went for another good night at the bar. All in all, an interesting night full of duck calls, Chinese ninja karaoke kings, and vivid diplays of human function. But those are another story.


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