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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

From afar

As I lay still awash in slumber
I see the face my heart remembers

Eyes of blue that pierce the soul
In ways that only I will know

In waking times I cannot speak
My burning passion, future bleak

Rather I carry through the days
Relinquishing the hold that preys

Upon my inner sanctums fury
Holding tight to forthwith bury

My heart and soul for I cannot
Proclaim the one unending thought

That crowds my memory day by day
And haunts me in my sleep, I wake

With loves name upon my lips
Imagine form with fingertips

And hang my heart for I cannot show
Unquenched desire only I will know

You know, as I look at this later on, I realize I am not so certain I like it, unsure of when it was written. Ah well, cant be thrilled with everything. Though I like the way it flows.


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