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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Looking through some old poetry

Well it has been a little while since I picked up pen and wrote prose of any kind. Though through some interesting circumstance I find myself pouring through the piles of paper I have, letters scrawled in lazy handwriting, looking for something that is worthwhile.

It is interesting to read things you have written in the past, bringing up the memories of the inspiration, whether it be a person, a situation, a feeling, or a flight of fancy. Sharing them, I find, is a bit of a frightening notion. The thought that someone will glimpse into my thoughts at the time of writing, that they will intimately know the workings of mind at the moment pen hits paper, and the unnerving thought that it will come up rather insipid and uninteresting. And with that notion, I thought I would display a few for all to see, or rather the 2 people who actually read this thing. I will put up any new ones, and throw in some that I have dragged up from times of yore. Happy reading.

(All writings on this page are by Juli Harland)


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