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Monday, December 19, 2005

Kiss Your Mouth

Kiss your Mouth (key of G)

We can keep on talking it over baby
Turn it all inside out examine us to death
But I tell you honey I am too tired of talking
I’ve got better things to do with my breath

Like kiss your mouth,
Breathe my love into you
Tell you all I’m gonna do with you
Caress your skin
Hot breath all over you
I wanna take a break from all this talking and kiss your mouth

I know baby there’s a lot to say
We can hash it all out some other day
You know that I love you baby, there’s not much else to say
So come on over here and love me I wanna


Come hold me baby, there’s so much my body’s telling you
Take some time and listen cause you know that what I’m sayin is the truth
I only want to be with you


Now what was that you were sayin darling
It doesn’t seem so tough in the morning
Sometimes we have to just have to stop the talking
And get back to the lovin, right back to where we started from

Oh I wanna just


A song a wrote earlier in the year. Catchy - non? Well, I suppose it would help if you could hear the tune. But trust me, it is not too shabby. I will try to post the musical sid eof things soon. Still figuring out how to work this all.


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